The Festival closes on the 30th of March with a screening at the Waterfront Amphitheatre. During this free event we have have inivted a couple of eco-based films in-the-making to come and share details about their upcoming projects with the crowd. "Walking With Fire" is one of these films. Aimed at creating awareness, environmental education and bringing to life the stories of those who battle rampant wild fires, it aims to highlight every aspect of modern day fire suppression, prevention, rehabilitation and both the history & science of wild fires in the Cape Floral Kingdom.
The frequency and intensity of wildfires in the Cape region has increased drastically over the last decade due to irregular climate patterns, population growth on the urban-wildland interface and an increase in human negligence and premeditated ignitions.
This documentary will not only serve to address all the issues above, but promote a constructive working synergy within the firefighting community and the public, embracing the term ‘Fire is Everyone’s fight’.

Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) is a n etwork of community-based organizations of the urban poor in 33 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It was launched in 1996 when federations of the urban poor in countries such as India and South Africa agreed that a global platform could help their local initiatives develop alternatives to evictions while also influencing the global agenda for urban development. In each country where federations operate, they mobilize around core SDI practices and principles to build a voice and collective capacity in urban poor communities. This is SDI’s Know Your Community work. Organized federations throughout the SDI network profile, map, and enumerate their settlements to gather invaluable planning data and catalyze community action and partnerships. SDI’s Know Your City website combines hard data and rich stories from urban poor communities in 224 cities across the Global South. Federations use their data and collective capacity to co-produce solutions for slum upgrading.

The production team for Love In The Midst Of Climate Change is made up of personal power, insight, and nail to head work ethics. In this documentary, we aim to make visible how climate change refracts through the lens of intersectionality. Your contribution will help us support people in making sense of their lives and discover the resiliency within them. DONATE TODAY!