Top Tier Partners

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Cape Boland region, Reliance produces certified organic compost. Reliance compost adheres to global standards, ensuring a product that does not contaminate the environment.
Some of the biggest environmental problems South Africa has to face are lack of fertile land, soil degradation and pollution of its rivers and groundwater. One of the main factors causing these problems is the excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Reliance makes it their goal to tackle these problems in attempt to eradicate them.
They provide certified organic compost and product mixes to individuals, landscapers, nurseries, municipalities, schools, agriculture, food schemes and Non­Profits. Reliance, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town, reached a major milestone recently. In the war against waste, we achieved the diversion of 20 MILLION cubic metres of garden refuse from landfill - making the Western Cape the first province in South Africa to achieve this status. If you are not part of the SOILution, you are part of the problem. is South Africa's favourite green shop. makes it easy for the average person or household to improve their environmental ‘footprint’.
While many people are aware that serious local and global environmental problems exist, they have to do substantial research to find out which activities of theirs are the most environmentally damaging, as well as to find suppliers of goods or services which would help them reduce their ‘footprint’. hopes to help people achieve this by providing the necessary information and eco-friendly products all in one location. supplies a wide range of eco-friendly goods to create sustainable lifestyles and provides information which alerts people to the local and global environmental situation. Browse online for all renewable & sustainable energy solutions for your home.

Ballo's sustainable wooden eyewear has frames are handmade in Woodstock, Cape Town.
At the core of every eyewood frame is a unique combination of recycled paper and off-cut timber, which are laminated together with a bio resin. This frames durability and allows any pair of Ballo to be fit with prescription lenses. Each pair is finished with either off-cut timber; up cycled Denim; ShweShwe or domestic Buffalo horn.
Each frame is fitted with either high quality polarized lenses or CR39 UV400 revo mirror lenses, and spring hinges. Eyewood come with a microfiber Ballo bag, to keep lenses clean, and an upcycled cardboard box, for protection. Eyewood come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults. The world looks better through Ballo.


Awesome Affiliates

SDI is a network of community-based organisations of the urban poor in 32 countries and hundreds of cities and towns across Africa, Asia and Latin America. In each country where SDI has a presence, affiliate organisations come together at the community, city and national level to form federations of the urban poor. These federations share specific methodologies, which are enumerated below.
Hemporium is a South African hemp company that is committed to showcasing all that hemp has to offer by providing quality products made from this eco-friendly and versatile plant. 

The Amazing Eight...

Pradiance is a Natural and Organic Skin Care range. It is naturally formulated to be suitable for use on all skin conditions, skin types and all ethnic groups.Active ingredients in Pradiance include powerful African botanicals and are known for their anti-ageing qualities, for their healing effect on the skin and their ability to improve scar tissue and blemishes. The key ingredient, Kigelia (African Sausage Tree) naturally promotes skin elasticity, balances uneven pigmentation and lightens dark spots, leading to a radiant and healthy skin.
Almond Creamery produces a range of fresh, plant-based milk alternatives that contain no artificial additives or preservatives. We use a combination of nuts, including almond, macadamia and coconut for improved flavour and nutrition. Each bottle is made from 100% natural ingredients, and we source real nuts from local farmers. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the world, and we want to do that by offering nutritionally superior, environmentally sustainable plant-based beverages. We love what we do, and we hope you do too!
Active throughout South Africa, our focus as property developers has been mainly in the Western Cape. A number of our large mixed-use projects such as Century City, Westlake, Big Bay and Royal Ascot have literally shaped the urban landscape of Cape Town, creating ground-breaking developments in which thousands of people live, work, play and shop, and delivering good returns and substantial capital growth for investors.



A sunscreen that has NO nasty, harmful chemicals? A superior sunscreen containing natural, organic ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skins but tough on the sun?
Sunumbra is created and manufactured in South Africa with the aid of photobiologists, biochemists and other experts. It offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, protects you against free radicals, is non-allergenic and nourishes your skin AND your health.

The Urban Farmer is an Organic & whole foods retailer, supporting eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.
We are inspired by waste-free living and work closely with our suppliers to rethink plastics, and instead embrace sustainable packaging solutions.
We source a wide variety of fresh organic produce, artisanal products and ethically sourced, hormone & antibiotic free, meats & dairy.
“In this period of the end of the world, how do we sow the seeds of a possible world? The first: every young person should recognise that working with their hands, and their hearts and their minds and being interconnected, is the highest evolution of our species. Working with our hands is not a degradation, its our real humanity. start a garden,create a playground in the way you grow food. Save seeds. Cook. Create communities. We are not atomised producers and consumers: we are part of the earth family, we are part of a human family, we are part of a food community Food connects us. Everything is food.” - DR Vandana Shiva
Flora Force Health Products is a family-owned business that has its roots in the homeopathic and naturopathic practice of the family matriarch, Dr Florrie Kerschbaumer. The company has been in business since 1989. Over the years the products have evolved to fit the growing needs of the public, whose awareness about natural health products has increased. People wish to take greater control of their health, and that of their families.
Our wide range of pure, unadulterated herbal capsules, tablets and tinctures are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Cape Town. We are passionate about keeping our products simple, reliable and authentic. We grew up knowing that natural remedies are the primary source of wellness. Sharing this message is our purpose.
BO-OP is a co operative of Cape Town's local fashion designers based in the Bo Kaap. With their focus being creativity built on a sustainable ethos, from sunglasses to clothes to bags, the BO OP offers you a retail destination for quality, innovation and style - and with Harvest, a great cafe upstairs, for a fresh juice after your visit!
At GREEN HOME, sustainability is our passion, our vision and our daily work. We’re here to supply you with a great range of environmentally friendly food packaging in the best way we can. We’re here to change some trends, rewrite some rules and usher in a big-picture-thinking way of serving food on the go.


I love screenprinting
Our friends at Fittees have introduced us to our favourite screen-printing studio in Cape Town. I Love Screenprinting is all about the best of local skill with hand-printed posters, stickers and fabrics. And we hear their workshops are pretty amazing too!
As a guest in this Mother City hostel, you will be kept in the know about the coolest happenings with the coolest people in town. We love that they provide daily free activities hosted by their CEO’s – think everything from free ‘booze and bants’ to climbing Table Mountain...


Long standing ally of the SA Eco Film Festival, we tip our hat to this inspirational organisation who've been bringing Cape Town films exploring what it means to be human for almost twenty years! (And we're so very proud of being 5!)